Superannuation Lawyer Fees- no win, no fee

How we charge

Berrill & Watson Lawyers give FREE legal advice on all superannuation, insurance & financial advice claims & appeals.


Berrill and Watson Lawyers do all superannuation, insurance and financial advice claims and appeals ‘no-win/no fee.’*

The fees are agreed and fixed before we start the claim or appeal.

This means:

    • no upfront costs
    • you only pay us costs if you win
    • you will know exactly what the costs will be before you start
    • you won’t get a nasty surprise of a big legal bill at the end of your claim.

We only do superannuation, insurance and financial advice claims and disputes-unlike other plaintiff law firms. So we only specialise in these areas and our lawyers are the leading experts.

Berrill and Watson Lawyers is a boutique law firm. We don’t have the big expenses that big law firms have so we are able to run claims and disputes more efficiently and cheaply than other law firms.

If you have spoken to a big law firm about your claim, come and speak to us before you sign anything. Contact us any time for a no obligation chat and Free legal advice about your claim.

*conditions apply