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Berrill & Watson are legal experts in superannuation and insurance, financial advice disputes and general insurance claims. Contact us to help with your situation.

Our Expertise

Berrill & Watson are legal experts and specialise in the following areas.

Superannuation & Insurance

If you stop work for any medical reason, you may have a disability claim through your superannuation fund or through any insurance you have. This is separate to any compensation or Centrelink.

General Insurance

When something bad happens to your business or your home you expect your insurance to cover you. Insurers often deny claims or try to reduce the amount they have to pay. You should get advice early.

Financial Advice Disputes

If you have suffered loss as a result of bad advice from a Financial Advisor or Planner, you may be entitled to compensation. Strict time limits apply, you should enquire about your rights without delay.

Berrill & Watson

Berrill & Watson are a leading plaintiff superannuation and insurance law firm. We have knowledge, experience and expertise in superannuation and insurance that other firms don't have. We act for everyday people against big corporations. We fight every bit as hard, even harder than the major law firms, but we do it without the big price tag. Our team has worked in superannuation and insurance for over 15 years and has run some of the leading cases.

  • Total and Permanent Disability Claims ("TPD")
  • Income Protection ("IP")
  • Trauma Insurance Claims
  • Terminal Illness Insurance Claims
  • Death Insurance Claims
  • General Insurance
  • Insurance Claims Appeals and Litigation
  • Financial Advice Disputes