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  • Superannuation

    • If you can’t work due to illness or injury, you might be able to claim.

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  • Financial Disputes

    • If you have suffered losses as a result of bad financial advice, you may be entitled to compensation.

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  • General Insurance

    • Insurance companies regularly reject claims or try and reduce the amount they pay. You can challenge these decisions.

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Berrill & Watson Team

Your superannuation and insurance lawyers.

John Berrill

John Berrill


John is a Director of Berrill & Watson Lawyers. John is Australia’s most experienced and pre-eminent plaintiff superannuation and insurance lawyer. John has worked as a lawyer in superannuation and insurance since 1993.


Michael Bates


Michael Bates is a Director of Berrill & Watson Lawyers and is an experienced superannuation and insurance litigator.


Paul Watson


Paul Watson is a Director of Berrill & Watson Lawyers and is recognised as one of Queensland’s leading superannuation and insurance lawyers.


Tom Cobban


Tom is a Director of Berrill & Watson Lawyers. Tom has worked his whole career in superannuation and insurance claims. Tom is respected as an expert in superannuation and insurance claims.

I have a lot of super funds. Can I claim on all of them?

Potentially. If you have more than one super fund that has TPD insurance cover, you might have more than one claim. We have acted for many people with two, three, four or more claims.

Do I have to resign before I claim a TPD benefit?

Most super funds do not require that you terminate your employment before lodging a claim. You should get advice before making any decisions about ending your employment.

If you have a compensation claim could you also have a TPD claim?

Absolutely. Many people with compensation claims are also entitled to a TPD benefit. Any amount you receive as a TPD benefit is usually in addition to any compensation you might be entitled to.

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Berrill & Watson are superannuation and insurance litigation specialists and have over 100 years of experience combined in:

  • Superannuation claims
  • Death Benefits
  • Insurance disputes

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Berrill & Watson are a leading plaintiff superannuation and insurance law firm. We have knowledge, experience and expertise in superannuation and insurance that other firms don't have. We act for everyday people against big corporations. We fight every bit as hard, even harder than the major law firms, but we do it without the big price tag. Our team has worked in superannuation and insurance for over 15 years and has run some of the leading cases in Victoria.

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